Yes, life has most certainly been less than desirable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us have never experienced such a restricting, depressing, financially burdening, and socially killing situation. Strung out with cabin fever many of us have resorted to many un-productive activities such as binge watching/gaming to pass the time. Others have used this extra time at home to re-invent themselves and spend more time with their families. I have been fortunate to be able to witness two sides of this pandemic through being in different states, though only separated by 700 miles of land felt worlds apart.

I was in California when the pandemic first arrived and I witnessed the closure’s, the mandatory masks, fights and arguments over wearing masks, and later the curfews. There was a general sense of fear felt among the public. If someone sneezed in line at the grocery store, everyone stepped back, some cautiously others jolted back in fright. Fear is what caused people to go out and buy all the toilet paper and other vital supplies they could get their hands on. I fully support equality, but I believe some of the protesters that went out in George Floyd’s name did it because they were sick of being inside the house and found the perfect excuse to go outside. Though the fear and boredom i experienced there was not un-founded. I believe the media played a big part in the fear factor. Human beings have been known to do foolish things to kill boredom. But being afraid and bored are just small prices to pay compared to those that have truly suffered due to this pandemic. Many have lost their lives including a friend of mine who lost his Mother and Brother in the same month. Numerous businesses have been closed down bringing job losses. Others are waiting to be evicted from their homes. The homeless population has been growing on Skid Row and Venice Beach. The city is not allowed to move the homeless or clean the streets so stagnating waste and disease fester across from million dollar homes. Don’t get me wrong, I love California, It breaks my heart to see all that is going on there. But I had to get away.

I took a vacation to Wyoming to visit family for the holiday’s. As soon as i arrived i noticed a drastic change. Though masks have recently become mandatory, no one screams at you if your not wearing one or if its not above your nose. There are no curfews in place here and all establishments are open to the public. I do not feel that fearful dread that i sensed in people back in California. Nobody seems anymore afraid or bored than they would be if this pandemic never happened. The grocery stores never run out of supplies for your bathroom or hunger usage. Of course there are many reasons things are so different out here including the very low population density and low infection count. But I would recommend anyone in California to responsibly take a vacation out of state, it doesn’t have to be Wyoming there are many other states that allow you to still live freely. It can do wonders to your state of mind.

Until my next post, stay healthy, happy and free.