2020 has been one hell of a year. In this post I will be looking back on this year and how it affected the world and how I was forever changed by it. Of course 2020 will be forever marred as the year of COVID-19. I hear from so many people that they wish this year was over already, that they could just forget this year ever happened. Though a vaccine is now being distributed, its not as if the ball will drop, we all scream “Happy New Year” and the pandemic will be over. No, we still have a long road ahead of us wrought with uncertainty and social restriction.

Besides the attention dominating pandemic, many other notable events happened in the year 2020. On January 8th, In the UK, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their positions in the Royal Family. The brutally devastating wildfires in Australia were finally extinguished leaving the tragic record of 47 million acres burned. Later in the year wildfires burned up the West Coast of America scorching millions of acres as well. On August 4th in Beirut, an accidental explosion of ammonium nitrate took at least 190 lives. Harvey Weinstein was exposed and convicted for his sex crimes, showing that sexism and abuse of power remain in Hollywood, as we all suspected. The Pentagon released footage of unidentified aerial phenomenon, unofficially confirming the existence of UFO’s. Outrage over the unlawful killing of George Floyd and many others sparked protests across America, some were peaceful protests, others were not. America was shown that the Civil Rights Movement still lives on today. Many legendary celebrities passed away, as they do each year, but 2020 was especially devastating. Rest In Peace to Little Richard, Alex Trebek, Chadwick Boseman, John Lewis, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Eddie Van Halen, and most shockingly one of my childhood heroes Kobe Bryant. 2020 was especially devastating because not only did we lose all these legendary figures, but we also lost 1.77 million people worldwide to COVID-19. Though I do not have your names to list here, I would like to respectfully pay my condolences to the families and friends of everyone who has lost somebody this year.

2020 was not all doom and gloom. The world has been confronted with an invisible and deadly threat, yet we have risen to the occasion. Businesses have had to adapt to a struggling and quarantined economy. Some major corporations altered there focus in order to produce masks and sanitizer. People have had to develop new skills and search for new sources of income. Artists, Poets, Musicians, Film Makers and Video Game Designers have had plenty of time at home to incubate and work on their craft. Governments across the world have shown empathy and have responded by forestalling evictions and debut collections, relief and stimulus packages, forgivable business loans and increasing unemployment benefits. The healthcare community has fought tirelessly and with stark bravery, combating the virus at the front-lines. Within one year since the viruses inception to our world a vaccine has been developed. Considering the time-frame the vaccine is being touted as one of the greatest scientific achievements of the century.

Personally 2020 will always be a year of great and permanent change in my life, not because of the virus itself, but because of the perfect storm it created. By March of 2020 I had lost my plush office job, my College had shut down and the home I was living in was to be sold. I was losing everything I had as a side effect of the pandemic. I decided it was a great time for a fresh start. So I packed up my belongings and made my exodus out of state. I live a much different life now, and truly enjoy it. This newfound stage of my life has inspired me to write again, so I thank the pandemic for that. None of us, especially me will ever forget the year 2020, not if you lived through it as an adult. 2020 will forever remain ingrained in our memories, even though most wish it could be erased from the data banks. I choose to learn from all the terrible things this year has brought upon us and remember all the great things manifested by a year that changed the world.

Until my next post.

Stay Happy, Healthy and Free