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Why would anyone want to sacrifice the health of themselves and their children just to have faster internet speeds? The sad fact is that most of the population is either uninformed, ignorant or simply in denial to the dangers of 5G cell tower radiation. 5G cellular towers were originally rolled out in 2019, as of January 2021 5G radiation can be experienced throughout all 50 States, Europe, Africa and Asia. The tech company Qualcomm is responsible for laying down the foundation that led to the 5G revolution.

It has long been a fact documented by science that 4G radiation is harmful to the health of human beings. With 5G radiation being even worse for the body and mind. The greed of telecommunications companies have birthed campaigns that try to brush the facts of these health risks under the rug. Besides the health risks which include mental disorders and cancer, 5G roll outs have caused deadlocked commutes and a blanketing of antennas across cityscapes.

Unlike 4G radiation which currently engulfs the globe, the 5G variety cannot penetrate walls or even glass. So as long as nobody in your household has a 5G enabled device, your safe inside your home. It is when we venture outside that we can become coated in 5G radiation, especially if you live in a major city. Many cities and even countries have moved to ban 5G in order to protect its populace.

Some officials have cited health concerns but the majority of bans revolve around China’s telecommunication giant Huawei, and fears of China using the 5G infrastructure to spy on unsuspecting Countries. 5G is either banned or its roll outs are being halted in Australia, India, Brazil, Italy and in the United Kingdom. Every Nation is aware of the health risks associated with 5G, but feel they cannot miss out on this quantum leap in technology. It’s unfortunate that fears of espionage and missing out on whats new outweigh the documented and detrimental effects to our health.

This is an image of a 5G small cell tower, with an unhappy residents message to keep 5G radiation out of his/her neighborhood.

I personally will not ever be buying a 5G device, nor will I allow anyone in my household to purchase a 5G device. I have lived with 4G radiation for ten years through the devices I have owned and the cell towers I come across. Who knows what types of effects 4G has had on my body and mind. 5G is where I draw the line. I have informed my family and friends of the dangers of this new technology, and I write this article to inform anybody who reads it of the risks you take by upgrading your cellular plan. Your faster download speeds may result in a shorter lifespan.

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