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Writing has been around since the invention of language. In ancient times hieroglyphics were inscribed on the walls of caves. No other medium uniquely expresses thoughts and emotions the same way its accomplished through writing. Every art and science has some form of connection to writing. But in this age of heavy video saturation, acronyms used as language through texting and the inability of the average social media user to read a post longer than one sentence. How does writing remain prevalent in this digital age?

The art of writing nowadays exists primarily through the internet in the forms of content, business copywriting, news articles, product reviews, eBooks and blogs such as this one. Besides the internet, sales of novels have declined over the years and many major bookstores have closed down such as Borders which was liquidated in 2011. Newspaper print subscriptions have faltered over the years as we find new ways of receiving news through the internet and television. Choosing writing as your profession can be wrought with financial difficulty through finding success or even simply breaking into the business.

If writing could be a less than desirable profession then why do we do it? Why are there new authors every year attempting to find a publishing deal for their new novel? Why do new blogs sprout up constantly on every topic imaginable? Why do so many dream of quitting their day job to become a freelance writer? Simply put, the art of writing isn’t going anywhere, neither are those who wish to pursue this craft. Just because the medium has changed from print to digital documents, has not changed the fact that many have a deep love for combining words into something that resonates.

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In my opinion writing will always be the way the persuade, inspire and inform the public. Even if we resorted entirely to video media, what your hearing on a video or seeing on a movie, started as a written script. Stories speak to us emotionally in many thought provoking and awe inspiring ways. We seek stories for educational or entertainment purposes or simply to connect and relate to things we go through in our lives. The power of words will never change, but how we receive and create them will. We started by chiseling words into stone, followed by ink and paper, and moved on to the type writer, currently many of us use computers to facilitate our writing process. One can only wonder what the next evolution in writing will be?

In creating this article I was forced to ask myself why do I write? What is the purpose in creating these blog posts or working on a novel? Why write when there are more lucrative careers to pursue? I keep coming back to the same answer. I write because I love it and personally there is no better way of expressing myself. Many others have their own motivations, I am sure. But at it’s core you probably write for more or less the same reasons as I do. We writers are a special breed, and as long as words and language exist, so shall we.

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