Many would argue that following your dreams and desires Is the purpose of our existence. At times we may get lost in our lives and forget this simple resounding fact. If we’re not following our dreams, we will not be happy. Of course, finding our purpose in life is a road filled with hurdles, setbacks, and stress. But ultimately, this bumpy journey is more than worthwhile. Some of us may need a reminder or even a 101 course on following our dreams. Compromises will happen in life, so we may be forced to hold off on our passions to raise a family or pay the bills. Yet still, we should never lose sight of our dreams or give up on them entirely. Their time will come. Often in life, our goals will change and evolve as we age. That is perfectly normal, and we shouldn’t feel bad about giving up on a dream as long as we have a new one to pursue. Many of the dreams we had as teenagers were a bit unrealistic anyway. There is no point in having a goal that you can’t achieve. Over time we become more realistic at finding a purpose that truly satisfies us. As a teenager, I dreamt of being a superstar rapper and world-famous poet. I settled with just being a lyricist, poet, and writer. And I am more than happy with my decision.

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Finding It

The most challenging aspect of following your dream can be simply finding out what it is. Some of us are lucky and find our true passion early in life. But for others like myself, It took a good 30 years of living before I found what I was meant to do. We struggle with self-doubt, the expectations of society, and the perceptions of others. Everyone’s dream is different, and we will all have our own unique and personal struggles associated with it. But if you are aware of what you really want to be, then half the battle has already been fought. Some of us have no idea what we want to do or who we want to be. In that case, my advice would be to try new things and try as many things as possible. You may be lucky and stumble upon something you genuinely love to do. Search your soul. No one can guide you in this process but yourself. Sometimes we need to follow false dreams to find an authentic idea. You may be convinced that you have found the genuine article. Only to pursue it and ultimately find that it wasn’t for you. I went for a career in computer programming, spent years attending College, to get that profession. Only to realize I liked programming, but I wasn’t passionate about it. We have to make a definite discretion between what we enjoy doing and what we are genuinely passionate about. When you have that real passion and love for something you do, It cannot be put into words, Its something you feel.

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Achieving It

Once you have found your dream, all that remains is to achieve it. Take a hard look at your dream and ask yourself, “Can this be achieved In my lifetime?”. If that answer to that question is no, then you need to re-evaluate your lifetime goals. I don’t mean to shoot down anyone’s dreams. But we must live in reality, and It would be a waste of our lives to aim for stars that are higher than we can fly. We must find the balance between what we want to achieve and what we can achieve. And here I must drop the age-old adage “Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.” Just make sure you know in your heart and very soul that you can achieve the dream you set out to spend your life with. Once you have your dream in your sights, spend all the time you can spare in achieving it. To accomplish any dream, we must expect the cost of sacrifice. You may have to sacrifice fun, relationships, a lucrative career, comfort, stability, and mostly time. Every dream anyone ever achieved has come with some form of sacrifice. Some of us may be fortunate enough to achieve our dreams just to realize that we want more. As I said before, sometimes our dreams grow and evolve as we age. This may be a journey that never ends, but something is comforting in that. You may achieve the dream you had in your 20s just to see that a new dream awaited you in your 40s. The most exceptionally difficult to achieve dreams are lifelong pursuits, such as the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. If your dream is on this type of society changing, national or global level. Then perhaps the best you can hope for is doing everything you can while you’re alive, then hope you’ve inspired others to carry on your dream after your gone.

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Losing It

A sad fact of life is some of us have had our dreams stolen from us. For example, my aim is to be a star athlete, but I’m involved in an untimely accident and lose my legs. I’ve had my dream forcibly taken away from me. As I said earlier, “If we are not following our dreams, we cannot be happy.” Losing your purpose in life can lead to disastrous effects such as severe depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide. Having our dreams stolen from us leaves us with only two options. Let the loss destroy us, or find a way to rise above through a new dream. Obviously, this is much easier said than done. Our purpose defines us, and finding a new purpose in life is much like becoming a new person for some of us that is an impossible thing to do. So they either linger on in bitterness and spite or put an end to their misery. The only option in which we lead happy lives is to find a new dream. Shrug off the past and the love that you lost and find something else you are passionate about. If one dream is stolen from you, then another is created for you.

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Loving It

Whether we have found a new dream after we had ours stolen or are going after a dream, we have had all our lives. The result is the same. You receive happiness and authentic love for what you do. We must be grateful and appreciative of our dreams and never take them for granted. Besides the love of our families, friends, and significant others, there is no other love that matches the love we have for our dreams. For some of us, the love we have for our life’s purpose can sometimes outweigh the love we have for those closest to us. There isn’t anything wrong with that, though depending on the situation, it may be considered selfish. But when it comes down to it, our dreams are us. Our dreams are our legacies, and they are what we will be remembered for. Our dreams are what we decided to give the world. But you will need support to accomplish your dreams. Some of us can survive without help, living off the love we have for our purpose. As long as we don’t burn bridges, disrespect, or harm those who support us, we should be willing to do anything to achieve our dreams. Unfortunately, there are a minimal number of us whose dreams involve possibly evil ambitions. And If you are one of these people, then none of this advice should apply to you. Most of us wish to leave this world better than we found it. Many of us have dreams that revolve around leaving our mark or changing people’s worlds for the better. We must realize the saddest thing is that many never find or follow their dreams. They live their life paying bills, raising a family, getting old, and just getting by. They may be content, perhaps, but aren’t truly happy. Don’t be one of these people. Do what you love. Follow your dreams.

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