Do you really know what you want out of life? Are you sure? People usually want love, riches, fame, a dream job, happiness, and a good life for their children. What some people want is more illicit such as drugs, sex, and alcohol. Whether your intentions are noble or not, what people want is generally predictable and falls into one of these categories. But some of us achieve what we want out of life only to realize we want something else. Or even worse, we accomplish what we desired only to feel our accomplishments are hallow.

What we want can be broken down into our long-term and short-term wants. We may want the new iPhone or watch the new season of our favorite show on Netflix in the short term. In the long term, we may desire to get in shape or buy a home. We tend to focus on our short-term wants because they are easier and closer to being accomplished. It should be the opposite by putting our energy into our long-term wants because they are harder and take more time. As they say, anything worth having in this life is gained by traveling the hard road.

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Some people don’t even know what they want. Others want some weird or outrageous things. Hey, It’s your life. Live it as you see fit. People have done atrocious, malicious, and manipulative things to get what they want. Some are struggling and just want the simple necessities of life such as a home or food. Some live a lie until they find out what they want. People’s motivations confuse me at times because we often hide what we truly want or care about. Through writing, I can express myself clearly. There is no need for doublespeak, persuasion, or overly complicated language. I am not trying to sell you anything, but ideas and those are free. 

With billions of humans on the planet all wanting different things. Billions of life plans colliding against one another. Sometimes assisting and collaborating other times hindering or destroying the agendas of others. The enormity of our planet’s desires is mind-numbing. Some of our wants have led to the damage of our very planet. Such as our want for meat and fish and our want of fossil fuels. For most of us, these are not things we want any longer but things that we need. In the end, we may achieve what nobody wants, and that’s our own self-destruction.

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Even though it’s perplexing to figure out what everyone wants, your better off focusing on what you want and bettering your life and the lives of those around you. Even though the wants of others can get in the way of your plans or possibly destroy the planet. We must focus on what we can control. What do you really want anyway?

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