There are two things in life that are impossible to avoid, death and change. As we grow through life from child to adult, we face many changes and make many choices that forever affect our life. This is something that we all know but rarely dwell on outside of our regrets. Life always changes. It is our ability to adapt to these changes that ensures our survival. Time eventually defeats us all. But during the time we have many stages of life may be witnessed, and not just in us but in others. That is the beauty of life. Ultimately, it is what you make of it, and who’s along for the ride as you hopefully reach old age.  

Life is not a point A to B destination or achievement. It is really all about the journey because the final destination is our death. On this journey, many are fortunate to live a happy, fulfilled life. Others are not so fortunate. Regardless of your quality of life or given circumstances, things can always change. Sometimes our lives are changed forever when we least expect it. I cannot give other people a fix-all solution for bettering their lives. But I can give others the inspiration and acknowledgment that it can be done. But you’re the only one who can change your existence. 

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I gratefully took a vacation to my home state after a year away. My friends and family were still just as I remembered them. It was good to see that some things haven’t changed. Everyone was doing well, pool parties, barbecues, music-making. Some things in life never change, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the context. Other things in life will constantly change, and sometimes change is unexpected. Change can be sudden and abrupt. During my vacation, one of my close friends said some things I would never have expected. The lesson that I learned was that people do change. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool or a liar.

The best way to interpret and look closely at change in your life is to reminisce and look back on the major moments of your existence. Take the time to search yourself for answers away from the distractions of cell phones and others. By thoroughly searching yourself, you will better understand how change has affected you. For example, I was in an accident at five years old and suffered a skull fracture and concussion. The doctors thought I might lose my faculties or become mentally disabled. That unfortunate accident caused me to prize my intelligence very highly at a young age. Which lead me to become who I am today. We have all had a life-changing moment like that, and we may have one yet again.

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Embracing change seems to be against human nature. People struggle with change and often fear it. Fearing the unknown has rarely proved beneficial to our species. For it is in the unknown that new knowledge and experience can be gained. Fear, doubt, and past trauma can have a paralyzing effect causing one to avoid change at all costs. The recent pandemic has only further soured the public’s disposition toward change. They are keeping us inside without socialization or normalcy. As nations began to reopen, I hope people will embrace positive and safe changes to reignite their lives. Change is an inevitable force of nature, and all that matters is how we react to it.

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