The seasons are changing. The leaves will soon be falling, and it is nearly time to say goodbye to the sweet warmth of summer. Winter is definitely coming. Growing up in California, the coming of winter didn’t mean much. But now that I live in Wyoming, winter is something to be taken seriously. I will likely have five inches of snow on my lawn, 50 miles per hour winds, and nighttime lows inching towards zero degrees within a couple of months. This week we have highs out here close to 90 degrees. So these next few days will be the last time i can swim in the river, hike through green forests and wear shorts outside. At least until next June.

The changing of the seasons has had a particular effect on my lifestyle—no more barbeques, swimming, gardening, or even watering the lawn. Soon I’ll be shoveling snow just to get my car out of the driveway. It’s not that I hate winter. It is just that I prefer summer. Winter has its moments. There is nothing quite like snow falling on Christmas. Plus, I usually get more quality writing done when I’m stuck indoors. Out here, winter is something you have to prepare for, like in the olden days. So I went around and shored up my fencing with a screw gun, ran maintenance on my heater, put away anything I don’t want to be covered in snow, bought some more ice melt, and brought out the old snow shovel. I’ve still got to pull out all the winter clothes I was so happy to store away last April. Sometimes they even close down the freeways out here due to the weather. Luckily I work from home.

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Everything has its time and place. The time for laying on your grass and looking up at the stars is about to be over. During winter, everything seems to slow down. I see fewer people outside and almost feel isolated. These times of frigid cold can bring you closer to your loved ones, even if it’s just for warmth. I’m glad I live in an area where I actually get to experience four unique seasons, unlike California, where it’s pretty much spring and summer all year long. My focus usually shifts more toward personal and professional matters during winter, while my main goal is to live life and have fun during summer. This shifting of priorities brings an excellent balance to my lifestyle.

Winter is coming, and I’m grateful i do not live in the fictional world of Game of Thrones, in which winter can last for many years. This piece has been a lament for summer and an acceptance of things to come. Though summer will return, I may have a harsh winter ahead of me. During this transitional period, i will mourn the warmth and prepare to embrace the chill. Falling leaves remind me that everything changes. This planet and the people within it we all change. Each season brings with it a changing of the guard and a new chapter in your book. New opportunities arise with each equinox and solstice.

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Stay Happy, Healthy, and Warm


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